Bernina 830 Record + a little tutorial to clean stained plastic

. 3 min read . Written by Sofia
Bernina 830 Record + a little tutorial to clean stained plastic

I recently received a great present from my partner - A Bernina 830 Record! It was in great condition with the original manual, knee lift, extension table and the accessories box. So excited! The previous owner has gave her great care, the inside is clean and sews smoothly in my first test.

The result is pretty good, it has taken most of the yellowing off, even with my low sunlight apartment balcony. But you should get better result if you have access to a better lit area.

Below is before and after of the removal process

And here is my take on removing the ugly yellowing:

Stuff I use:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide - You can get it from salon supplier, get the highest percentage you can get. Mine is 12% (40Vol).
  • Disposal gloves
  • Duct tape - for labelling
  • Cling Wrap or some sandwich bags for covering up the plastic
  • Cotton tips

1. Remove the side and top back plastic plate from your machine.

The side cover can be easily removed by unscrewing the bottom base screws. For the top back piece. Take a look at this guy's video:

Remove rear plastic

Installing the rear plastic back

2. Removing the motor case

This would be the most difficult part, I suggest you find someone who has a good knowledge with wires and motor would be good. I had my partner help me as the wire is a bit complex. So before you start, please make sure you have your duct tape and camera ready. Unscrew the case screws from the bottom base, keeping all your screws in one place is a great idea to avoid losing them. Once you open it. Make sure you take a photo of how the wires are connected.

Before you start taking the wire out, make sure you mark/label them before taking them out.

3. Cover the parts with Hydrogen Peroxide cream

After you have all the plastics, wear the gloves and cover them with the Hydrogen Peroxide cream and wrap them with cling wrap to avoid the cream drying out.

4. Sun bath

Then leave them out under direct sunlight. Now let's wait. As I said earlier, I don't have too much sunlight at my place so I left them out for around a week. Take it out and wash it to check the result.

Here are the results after a week:

Not too pleasing, still have many yellow spots. so I covered them up with cream again and left it for another week.

Oh yay, looks so much better this time. One thing to note is when you wash the plastic( I just wash it with soapy water). Take extra care of where the switch connector is. I use cotton tips to clean the water away and remove any grease.

Make sure you remove the copper residue (the green stuff), but they can be taken out by using cotton tip. Make sure everything is fully dry before you put them back. Do a test run on the motor in an open space and install everything back if they are working as per your expectation.

Since I took the case out, I also clean out the motor with rubbing alcohol, eraser and change the motor brush.

After cleaning with eraser:

Change new motor brush

Then, here is my cleaned Bernina 830 Record!

That's it, hope this helps you. :D