Reef and Fuccra August 18 2017

3min Reef Green and nani IRO Fuccra Rakuen St Mortiz

2 newly arrived fabric to Sewdainty today. 3min Reef in green and nani IRO Fuccra Rakuen St Moritz. Both are made in Japan from Kokka.

Reef is a cotton mix with linen soft fabric, it is light weight but still a little bit heavier than double gauze fabric. St Moritz – a new colour from the popular nani IRO Fuccra Rakuen range, beautiful floral and bird singing in light sea green. Both are done in watercolour but presented in a their own unique way. 

Don't forget to pre-shrink the fabric when you receive it! Cotton and linen do shrink in their first wash! 




Winter Sale July 13 2017

Winter Sale - Sewdainty

The weather is sure getting cold now. It's a great time to make some cotton flannel shirts or couple of cosy cushions? Our winter sale is on till end of July, no code is needed! Be sure to grab the bargain!

Take a look at our nani IRO cotton flannel fabric, 100% cotton fabric will guarantee the comfortable wearing while brushed hair add warmness  to help you go through the winter. 

nani IRO cotton flannel bluenani IRO cotton flannel white

While all our fabric are on sale now, check out Cotton + Steel and Cloud9 fabric for your upcoming DIY projects!

Cotton and Steel Stork Nest Pink

Les Fleurs - Birch Floral Periwinkle


Spring Sale is on April 07 2017

Spring sale

Spring here, have you started planning your projects yet?
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Happy Sewing!


From Porto with Love - Stork Newst March 08 2017

Cotton + Steel Stork Nest Pink

New fabric in, a lovely quilting cotton from the collection From Porto With Love designed by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel. 

This 100% cotton featured random storks design. The pink/peach colour is also great for baby onesies or little girl skirts. 

Fabric is made in Japan.

Cotton + Steel Stork Nest Pink

Cotton + Steel Stork Nest Pink

Cotton + Steel Stork Nest Pink





Super Mario! December 19 2016

Crochet project mario

Here is another crochet project I finished recently. Super Mario Bros! Pattern is designed by Aradiya!

This little guy is so far the most difficult one I've done, but thanks to the detailed instruction from Aradiya, I did finish it without too much struggle. 

Super mario bro

I was thinking the fingers would be the most difficult parts but actually they are okay, I did encounter little problems with the shoes and the cap. I still  have mo idea why the cap didn't stay flat. 

There are a lot sewing involved in this project, so I did feel a great satisfaction when I complete it!

Super Mario Bro by Aradiya

Overall, I would say it's a great project to try, the Mario is so cute and I will look out for another Mario family from Aradiya for sure! 





CHRISTMAS SALE IS ON December 06 2016


It's that time of the year, have you prepared the gifts and your outfit for the Christmas? Get 20% off on all fabric now. Offer end 26/12/2016. 



Have a great Christmas!


Cotton + Steel and Cloud9 November 29 2016

Cloud9 Yukka and Cotton and Steel Les Fleurs

New fabric in! We have 2 lovely fabric from Cotton + Steel and Cloud9. Both fabric are great for your next summer project, whether it's blouse, dress or even pyjama. They are sure up to the task!

Cloud9 Yukka and Cotton + Steel Les Fleurs

The Yukka Lasformas voile from Cloud9 is 100% certified organic cotton. Perfect for a Summer top. 

Cotton + Steel's Les Fleurs designed by The Rifle Paper Co. A lovely floral featuring periwinkle. This Rayon fabric is soft and drapes well, great for a dress or blouse. 


Animal amigurumi party October 28 2016

Recently, I've been so into crocheting toys (amigurumi). I discovered these super cute amigurumi patterns by Little Bear Crochet on Etsy. Look how many I've made in a run! Her designs are so cute that I just couldn't stop making them! 

Little Bear Crochet Amigurumi

I am a beginner in crochet and her patterns are quite easy to follow. I would get on my best friend Youtube for a quick tutorial if I'm confused. There were couple of things that struck me, which were the bear snout and joining of the legs. 

Little Bear Crochet Bear

The bear snout required crocheting an oval and I learned the basic idea from this video on Youtube - How to crochet oval. After few trials, I finally got the idea. To get oval shape, I always need to have 3 stitches in every corner.

I tried different kind of yarns to see the differences. The pink bear above did give me a little hard time as those little yarns keep stuck into the hook. But it looks pretty cute after I finished. So I would say it is worth the struggle. 

Little Bear Crochet - King Frog

I follow the pattern to join leg but later I found there will be a big hole in the joint area, so I search again and find a better join method from this video on Youtube and I did had better result. 

Little Bear Crochet - Elephant

I love the little hat on the elephant, it make the toy looks quirky. To shape the nose, I just bended the paper clip instead of wire as that was the stuff I can access during the time, I think it's a good replacement if you don't have wire. 

Paper clip - shaping the elephant nosepaper clip shaping elephant nosepaper clip shaping elephant nose

This is definitely good pattern to try if you are interesting to make some toys. I also saw a discount on her Etsy shop for 10% off on 3 patterns or more. 




Winter Sales is on now! September 05 2016

Winter fabric sale is on now at Sewdainty!

Winter sales is on now at Sewdainty! All fabric on sale up to 20% off, great time to stock up the lovely Nani Iro Fabric at discounted price!


Yuzu Coat August 29 2016

 Yuzu Coat

I fell in love with the Yuzu coat pattern from Waffle pattern when I saw it on Kollabora. I made the coat for my trip to Melbourne and it certainly serve me well from the windy Melbourne winter!

Yuzu Coat

I usually have to edit the pattern for my forward leaning shoulders but not with this one, the shoulder line just sit nicely on mine, maybe because of the loose fit? So the only changes I did is to shorten the sleeve.

The pattern comes with English and Japanese, separate files for lining and main fabric. The seam allowance is also indicates on the pattern, great feature to save me times that I can just cut SA out for fitting first. 

Yuki's pattern instruction is the most detailed instruction I've ever see so far. Every step has a diagram to show the reader what to do and she also has the real photo tutorial on her website for the difficult part like the welt pocket. 

Most of all, big love on her layered pdf pattern! I can just print out my size without the interruption from other sizes's line. Great feature! 

One tiny thing is hope her instruction can be in white background so I can save printer's ink :p

The fabric is from Taobao and the buttons is from MRecht.

And a quick showcase on the inside. Tessuti Our Fav Top and Closet Case Ginger Jeans

Tessuti our fav top and Ginger Jean

Bernina 830 Record + a little tutorial to clean stained plastic March 27 2016

Bernina 830 Record

I recently received a great present from my partner - A Bernina 830 Record! It was in great condition with the original manual, knee lift, extension table and the accessories box. So excited! The previous owner has gave her great care, the inside is clean and sews smoothly in my first test. 

Bernina 830 with knee lift and the red accessories box

One thing I'm not too happy about is the yellowing on it's plastic parts and after some searching online, I saw a tutorial from Youtube for removing yellowing using Hydrogen Peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide

The result is pretty good, it has taken most of the yellowing off, even with my low sunlight apartment balcony. But you should get better result if you have access to a better lit area. 

Below is before and after of the removal process: Compare for the plastics before and after


And here is my take on removing the ugly yellowing:

Stuff I use: 

  • Hydrogen Peroxide - You can get it from salon supplier, get the highest percentage you can get. Mine is 12% (40Vol). 
  • Disposal gloves
  • Duct tape - for labelling
  • Cling Wrap or some sandwich bags for covering up the plastic 
  • Cotton tips 

 1. Remove the side and top back plastic plate from your machine.

The side cover can be easily removed by unscrewing the bottom base screws. For the top back piece. Take a look at this guy's video:

Remove rear plastic

Installing the rear plastic back

2. Removing the motor case

This would be the most difficult part, I suggest you find someone who has a good knowledge with wires and motor would be good. I had my partner help me as the wire is a bit complex. So before you start, please make sure you have your duct tape and camera ready. 

Unscrew the case screws from the bottom base, keeping all your screws in one place is a great idea to avoid losing them. Once you open it. Make sure you take a photo of how the wires are connected.

Bernina motor case wire overview

Before you start taking the wire out, make sure you mark/label them before taking them out. 

Labelling the wire

3. Cover the parts with Hydrogen Peroxide cream

After you have all the plastics, wear the gloves and cover them with the Hydrogen Peroxide cream and wrap them with cling wrap to avoid the cream drying out.

4. Sun bath

Then leave them out under direct sunlight. Now let's wait. As I said earlier, I don't have too much sunlight at my place so I left them out for around a week. Take it out and wash it to check the result.

Here are the results after a week:

Removing the yellowing after a week

Not too pleasing, still have many yellow spots. so I covered them up with cream again and left it for another week.

Plastic after 2 weeks

Oh yay, looks so much better this time. One thing to note is when you wash the plastic( I just wash it with soapy water). Take extra care of where the switch connector is. I use cotton tips to clean the water away and remove any grease. 

Make sure you remove the copper residue (the green stuff), but they can be taken out by using cotton tip. Make sure everything is fully dry before you put them back. Do a test run on the motor in an open space and install everything back if they are working as per your expectation.

Since I took the case out, I also clean out the motor with rubbing alcohol, eraser and change the motor brush. 

Motor before cleanning

After cleaning with eraser:

Motor after cleaned

 Change new motor brush

Change motor brush

 Then, here is my cleaned Bernina 830 Record!

Bernina 830 after cleaned

 Bernina 830 after cleaned - side

That's it, hope this helps you. :D 

Jewel Song Night Sky January 16 2016

nani IRO Jewel Song Night Sky - charcoal/navy fabric

New fabric today! Jewel Song Night Sky, a lovely charcoal/navy fabric from nani IRO 2015 collection. The colour is navy under the light, more toward charcoal when layered. The combination of metallic silver dots with navy background is sure like a night sky! 

Interested? You can order sample swatch from our shop here


New Fabric! December 07 2015

New fabric from Sewdainty

Hope everyone is not going to be too excite about your upcoming Christmas break. Here just a little news from Sewdainty. New fabric! 

The popular Fuccra: Rakuen – Dark purple/blue floal is back in stock! 

nani IRO Fruity Pocho bluenani IRO Fruity Pocho cream

2 new cotton flannel from nani IRO 2014 winter collection - Fruity Pocho, cream and blue. They are medium weight cotton flannel, super cute fruity pattern. 

nani IRO Jewel Song Red 

nani IRO 2015 Jewel Song Pocho - random red jewel pattern on light beige background, 100% double gauze. 

nani IRO Poppy Trip bluenani IRO Poppy Trip Red floral

nani IRO 2015 Poppy Trip blue and red floral, 100% double gauze. 

DIY Mouse Pad August 28 2015

While I'm settling down in my new place, I realised that my mouse isn't too happy with my new Ikea desk. So I started look for a mouse pad and the result isn't too pleasing. Then I found one of my spare A4 cutting mat back in Uni. An idea pop into my head to use it as mouse pad, but I'm not too into the ugly green and yellow grid. To solve this, I made a little cover with a pretty Japanese floral fabric. The cotton fabric provided a good grip and my mouse can move smoothly and no more flying pointer on my screen!

I use adhesive velcro dots to close the cover, save time and easy to match the dots position. And I can still take my cutting mat out if I ever want to use it again.  

The pads is in good A4 size and the cutting mat has provide enough stiffness. The whole project took me less an hour to finish. Quick and easy little job! 

nani IRO polka dot bra set April 15 2015

After I completed 2 bra sets, I decided to try nani IRO fabric this time. I choose Pocho Soda, a super cute mint polka dots, which I love a lot. It is 100% cotton fabric and as we all know, making intimates usually requires stretch fabric. So with my best friend Google, I found a good tutorial from Cloth Habit on band adjustment. There is some math involved to make this work. For the bra, I only cut the band in bias and rest are still following the grain. For the underwear, I cut both front and back in bias too and use a size larger than my current one. 

I also used the form as the bra lining, same technique as the previous bra. I really like this form from, as it's very comfortable against the skin. 

I guess I might have cut off too much seam allowance, so the elastic isn't able to cover the form completely on the side. Oops...

Interesting thing is when I test wear the bra, the first time I didn't wear it right, I would instantly felt an uneasiness on my chest. I thought I failed, but I took it off and tried it on for few times and didn't feel it again. so I'm assuming it could be the fit that is just right and the cotton fabric that doesn't have many fabric ease. So if it didn't sit on the right spot, it will tell me right away. But I didn't feel it at all after I washed it. 

Overall, I think both bra and panties are super comfy and well fitted. nani IRO fabric are so soft against the skin. The bra with form lining gives it a great shape. so I'm happy with the result. 


Soft and form-cup bra set January 19 2015 1 Comment


Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year break. I made 2 sets of bra and panties during the holiday! I first saw the Marlborough bra on Etsy and couldn't resist the temptation. This pattern was designed by Orange Lingerie and it's super pretty! The instruction is clear and detailed with illustrations. I also have Norma's ebook - Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction. Her ebook really helps in fitting the bridge and editing the wires as my wire was a bit too long. 

My first soft bra is a contrast white and black lace bra, I use lace trim from my stash and white lycra from Rathdowne fabrics. The rest material are either from Booby Traps or Makebra. Fitting the bra is a bit difficult at first, but eventually I got the idea. With Norma's bra, the fitting is quite good, I widen the bottom of the bridge and reduce about 1/8" of band width. The lace soft bra turn out pretty good! I made a pantie using Cloth Habit Rosy lady shorts (which is free) to go with this bra. Too bad my lace trim isn't wide enough so I had to get creative and use lycra with it.

I usually prefer form-cup bra over soft bra as I'm small bust and saw this good post from Cloth Habit on Make form cup bra. So I decide to try this with my second bra. I use the form lining from Makebra, really like it as it is very soft against skin. The tutorial from Cloth Habit sew the form to the top of the cup but I have lace on top, so I sew it to the bottom cup's seam allowance (where it connect to the frame) instead. 

I dye the fabric to light green with liquid ColorRit Liquid Fabric Dye, Kelly Green and Teal and did noticed that the colour is a bit different on different types of fabric. So decide to use the white lace on cup as it shrink quite a lot after I pop it to the hot dye bath. I dye the form lining twice, the first time, the inside layer shrank quite a lot :( So if you plan to dye it, make sure you allow extra fabric for the shrinkage and don't cut it until you finish dying the fabric.

Since I always fancy those super cute Japanese designed bra but can never get them in Australia, I thought to go a bit crazy with this experiment. I added lace trims to the top of cup and bottom of the frame and made big bow with the lycra fabric. I kind of like the result. I did notice that making form-cup bra I have to adjust the cup size a little bit bigger, otherwise it might be too small. So I would recommend make another sample testing for it as well.

I use Ohhh Lulu Lola pantie for my second set. Because the lace shrink after the dye bath, I have to replace it with something else. So there is a not white but ivory lace on my pantie. I better go grab some super wide trim next time....  I like both Rosy and Lola panties, they are very similar design. I do prefer Lola as it has wider crotch area, which I find more comfortable wearing it. Ohhh Lulu have some pattern hacks tutorial on Lola like lace edge finish and lace back tutorials. Be sure to check them out if you are interested in making lacy lingerie!

Popular dress sewing patterns December 12 2014

It's summer time in Australia now and Christmas is coming soon. Whether you are busy for gifts shopping or gathering ideas for decoration. Don't forget your holiday dresses!  I have been exploring some popular dress sewing patterns, and people who made dresses using these patterns, hope this would help you for your next holiday/summer dress.


Alder Shirtdress

Designed by Grainline studio, this easy loose-fitted dress have 2 options. An simple A-line dress with buttons front or gather skirt at the side and back. 

From left to right: Tifftoffee, Ginger makes, Bellbird


Burda #101 02/2011 dress with gathered rectangle skirt and cap sleeves

A very popular dress pattern on Burda, the sewing pattern has the bodice only. The skirt is simply a big rectangle that everyone can draft!

From left to right: Mokosha, Jessica Abbott, Sarah-Ann


Laurel Dress

Designed by Colette pattern, a very popular shift dress sewing patterns that is great for bold print. The pattern offer 4 options including dress and top. Colette also provides a free extra with instruction, so don't forget to grab them when you purchase it.  

From left to right: Savory Stitches, Funkbunny, Dresses & Me


Emery Dress

Designed by Christine Haynes, this classic vintage-inspire dress is easy and it can fits every body type. The pattern includes 2 options, bow with short sleeve or peter pan collar with 3/4 length sleeve. 

From left to right: Duck & Duffel, Roisin Muldoon, Dixie DIY


Mission Maxi 

A very elegant and soft free flowing maxi designed by Jamie Christina. This pattern is designed for knit fabric and offer 3 variations. 

From left to right: Very Purple Person, True x Bias, Ada Spragg


Nettie dress and bodysuit

A super popular sewing pattern that is easy to customise and sew. This pattern is also designed for knit fabric with a choice of 3 sleeve lengths, 2 neckline and 3 back variations. 

From left to right: RunningAmuck, Ninie Plume, Afro Craft Engineer


Simplicity 2215

Designed by Cynthia Rowley, this pattern offer 4 variations, 2 options for the dress, a top and a skirt. I love the dress made by Audrey, the lovely nani IRO woodblock Poncho in mustard.

From left to right: Audrey Makes, Mary Beverly, Make Something


Simplicity 2406

Another popular dress sewing pattern by Cynthia Rowley pattern, off the shoulder sleeve and slit back with 3 length variation. 

 From left to right: JorthRaindrop and Bellyflops, Pretty Girl Sew

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest board!



A very nani IRO Halloween November 01 2014

 nani IRO pet costume

Pattern: self draft

Fabric: nani IRO Colourful Pocho Opera (dark green)

How's everyone's Halloween celebration yesterday? I'd like to share the DIY pet costume that I made for my little creature. As Melbourne is pretty warm recently, nani IRO's fabric would be a perfect choice to go with. I picked the Colourful Pocho, the vivid polka dots are super cute and it would be a great fabric to make a spotty dinosaur costume. My idea is pretty simple, I drafted a hoodie pattern for Pepper and added spikes on the back and the hat. It's my first time pattern making for pet's clothing so it does take me a while to figure it out. 

Here are shots when I testing my pattern and also testing my model's patience... (please excuse my messy sewing table!)


Pepper has pretty big ears so I decided to include 2 huge buttonholes to let them out and included drawstrings in the hat hoping it will stay on her head. But I still lost to Pepper's crazy doggy shake. 

This little project doesn't need long time to sew, but it's quite fun. 

Here is the finish shots. 

nani IRO pet costume 


Floral print – Kollabora pick October 10 2014

Kollabora is one of my favourite place to go for inspiration. It's always fun to see what others are making. Continuing from my last post of floral print, I'm curious to see what others had made with the floral print. Here are some great stuff that I found from there. 

From left to right: Floral Alley Cat Romper by AshleyFloral Belladone by SallyFloral jumpsuit by Mlle AssortiBelcarra Blouse and Floral Pants by Lucinda

From left to right: Summer Skirt by thisismoonlightFloral Cinch Blouse by MarieFloral Maritime Shorts by ShanniLovesBlue Armadillo Blouse by Marie

I'm super in love of Belladone dress by Sally and the floral cinch blouse by Marie. The dress silhouette would be good choice to go with the nani IRO Fuccra dark purple/blue Rakuen and the white Rakuen would be a great pair with the blouse. 

Time to go hunting for some sewing patterns!

Floral prints September 29 2014

There are so many things you can make with floral print, blouse, dress, shorts or jackets. Whether it's a classic dress or a casual top, floral print is always a great choice to start with. Here are our Pinterest picks for some gorgeous floral print ideas. Take a look at our floral print board for more inspiration.

Here are couple great use on nani IRO floral print fabric that I absolute love!

What will be your next floral print project? 

Get Inspired! nani IRO fabrics July 04 2014

Welcome welcome! 

if you're searching for some inspiration, here are some great projects made with gorgeous nani IRO fabrics. It's soft and light weight qualities makes it great for children's clothing, homeware and even lingerie!  

projects made with nani IRO fabrics

Images sourced from (from top left) nani IRO, Straight Grain, nani IRO, Made by Rae, Suburbia Soup and Very Purple Person.



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