Floral print – Kollabora pick October 10 2014

Kollabora is one of my favourite place to go for inspiration. It's always fun to see what others are making. Continuing from my last post of floral print, I'm curious to see what others had made with the floral print. Here are some great stuff that I found from there. 

From left to right: Floral Alley Cat Romper by AshleyFloral Belladone by SallyFloral jumpsuit by Mlle AssortiBelcarra Blouse and Floral Pants by Lucinda

From left to right: Summer Skirt by thisismoonlightFloral Cinch Blouse by MarieFloral Maritime Shorts by ShanniLovesBlue Armadillo Blouse by Marie

I'm super in love of Belladone dress by Sally and the floral cinch blouse by Marie. The dress silhouette would be good choice to go with the nani IRO Fuccra dark purple/blue Rakuen and the white Rakuen would be a great pair with the blouse. 

Time to go hunting for some sewing patterns!