Japanese fabric – double gauze

Double gauze fabric, right and wrong side

Gauze fabric is a soft, sheer and light weight cotton. Double gauze is two layers of gauze tacked together with little stitches that is not visible on the right side of the fabric. Since it has two layers  of cotton, it provides a bit of weight and gives it a nice shape. It drapes like light weight linen. As it is 100% cotton, it does tend to wrinkle during wear but not as much as linen.

It is great for summer clothing and light homeware such as quilts and cushions. It is easy to sew and comfortable to wear.

Recommend fabric care

Shrinkage does occur in 100% cotton, linen and hemp fabric, therefore pre-washing the fabric in less than 40 degree is essential. Avoid tumble dry, dry clean and exposing fabric to sun light for long periods.




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