Fuccra Rukuen - St Moritz


1/4 metre (25cm)

$ a metre

Cost $

Watercolour flowers and birds sing pattern designed by the Japanese fabric designer Naomi Ito for Kokka. 

"Paradise (Rukuen)" Flowers and birds sing, the world full of light. A more sophisticated colour has been added as if to call on a foreign journey. The name of a beautiful place in the world is attached - Naomi Ito

100% cotton double gauze.

Fabric measurement: 1 metre (100cm x 106cm wide : 39.3" x 41.7" wide).

Fabric unit is in quarter of a metre (25cm). (so to order 2 metres of fabric for example, enter a quantity of 8 below). 

Fabric will cut in continuous yardage if order more than 1.

Shrinkage does occur in 100% cotton, linen and hemp fabric, therefore pre-wash the fabric in less 40 degree water is essential. Avoid tumble dry, dry cleaning and exposing fabric to sun light for prolonged periods. 




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