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Colourwork Socks

. 1 min read . Written by Sofia
Colourwork Socks

Pattern: Nana Iro by Yucca - size S
Yarn: Cloudborn Merino Superwash Sock Twist Yarn, Oatmeal Heather
Yarn Trader: Lemon curd 3ply sock yarn (discontinued)
Needle size: 2.25mm

There are many ways to knit socks, and my usual approach would be the magic loop, because I can knit 2 socks at the same time. But for this project, I changed to 9" circular needle, just interested to see how I feel about this small tool.

It took me a while to figure out a right spot on the needle for my little fingers to hold on. Everything went smoothly afterward.

Unfortunately, the socks got stretched out to 9" and won't turn back to 7" even after I blocked. So I said goodbye to the 9" needle and went back to my best friend magic loop.

Stranded colourwork does have less ease on the socks. I knitted size S and have tight fit socks, it doesn't make my feet uncomfortable, but I can see some stitches stretched. Definitely go up a size for colourwork next time.

Happy to say it goes well with my thong!